Ways we help locally and globally

BCUC works in big and small ways to support local and wider mission and outreach projects. For example, BCUC provides volunteer and financial support for:

FAMSAC (Family Services Association of Churches)

FAMSAC is a food bank serving communities in Ottawa's west end.

Refuge NOW (Nepean, Ottawa West)

Refuge N.O.W. is an ecumenical coalition that sponsors refugees. Current member churches are: Christ Church Anglican, Bells Corners United, St. Stephen’s Anglican, Knox United, and Julian of Norwich Anglican. Since 1989 the committee has sponsored many families.

Recently, the sponsorships have been joint sponsorships with the Federal Government, with the committee funding 6 months of the sponsorship. However, the committee is entirely responsible for finding housing and linking the new family to essential services, including health care, English classes and financial services. We also provide guidance and moral support.

Last fall the committee completed the sponsorship of a Syrian family, who had an addition to their family, a fourth son, early this year.

We now have a new family, from Colombia, who arrived in March, 2018. They are a young couple with a son, who is almost five, and a baby girl. They are settling in well. Members of BCUC responded very generously to the appeal for furniture and clothing for the family.

If you are interested in joining the committee or would like to help in any way, please contact the church office. It is thanks to the support of our member churches that we are able to continue with this vital work.

Multifaith Housing Initiative

The Multifaith Housing Initiative provides and promotes affordable homes and encourages harmonious relations amongst tenants of diverse backgrounds.

West End Community Chaplaincy

The West End Community Chaplaincy serves the Foster Farm and Morrison Gardens neighbourhoods.

Advent and Lenten appeals

BCUC also has special Advent and Lenten appeals to raise funds or provide supplies for missions here and abroad. An example is the 2009 Lenten Appeal, "Spread the Net," which raised almost $6000 to purchase anti-malaria bed nets for African children.

Mission & Service Fund

BCUC provides regular contributions to The United Church of Canada's Mission & Service Fund. Read the Mission & Service at a Glance newsletter (PDF).

If you want to help support any of these initiatives, please contact the Church office at (613) 820-8103 or office@bcuc.org.