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Sundays - 10:00 am Service

Order of Service . Lectionary

Nursery and Sunday School for children and youth is available.

Prayer Circle

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All are invited for a time of silent meditation, prayer and healing.

Lectionary Study Group

Every Tuesday at 10:30am

Our Word on the Sacraments:

Baptisms . Communion . Marriages . Funerals .

Anytime -

Walk our outdoor labyrinth for prayer and meditation.

Our Mission

The mission of Bells Corners United Church is to celebrate God's presence and to advance God's purpose within our local community and the global village by applying Christ's teachings. We carry out this mission, as servants of God and ambassadors of Christ, by providing to members, adherents, and others, individually and collectively, opportunities to:


  • expressing our communion with God through meaningful worship;


  • fostering Christian fellowship and love;

  • sharing Christ's good news, and fostering spiritual and intellectual growth in the knowledge of God's Word and the ways of the Spirit, through Christian education and prayer;


  • seeking justice and well-being for all humanity, including future generations regardless of creed, colour, or race;

  • exercising responsible stewardship;

Reach Out:

  • reaching out to assist those in spiritual, physical, economic or social need;

  • participating in the mission of The United Church of Canada;

  • joining with other congregations, churches, and faiths to pursue God's work.

Please Join Us

Our church building is located at the corner of Old Richmond Road and Moodie Drive, but the ministry of our church is carried out every day by hundreds of people throughout our community who are living by faith and love. This Web Site contains information about some of the many exciting and important ministries that are offered by our congregation in the areas of Spiritual Growth, Christian Education, Community Service and World Outreach. Many community groups also make use of our facility, and their activities are also listed. We invite you to participate in whatever way appeals to you. We hope that you will be blessed by your involvement.

Welcome to All!

Mission Trip to Nicaragua!

Welcome Back to our Mission Exposure Trip participants!

We look forward to you sharing your journey!

Palm/Passion/Good Friday/Resurrection/Easter

March 29 –Palm & Passion Sunday / All Age Worship
Sermon Focus: “The Stones Will Cry Out” (Luke 19: 28-40)

April 2 –Maundy Thursday; Join us for dinner 6pm (please bring something to share)
“Come Dine With Jesus” Remember & reinact the Last Supper

April 3 –Good Friday Service 10am
“If Lifes a Party, Who Cleans Up?” The Passion of Christ

April 5 –Easter Sunday & Communion
Sermon Focus: “The Stone Was Rolled Away” (Mark 16:1-8)


Elizabeth Fry Society presents:

"Native Women in the Justice System"

April 13th 7pm at BCUC


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July 27-31, 2015 Early bird registration available!

Programs for Children and Youth

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18-30 years of age (or so?)

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We know that once high school ends, college, university and careers often take young adults away from home and the church family.

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